Dalmatians are a very versatile breed of dog and are very handy at a multitude of tasks, performing in any number of venues. Just tell them you love them, keep it FUN and have a treat reward and they can do just about anything! Dalmatians have the intelligence to make decisions on their own, generally have a higher energy level, express loyalty/devotion to their master, have a sense of humor with a touch of oneriness, and can have a protective nature.

Dalmatians have an affinity for horses and are the original "coaching" breed. They were used by gentleman to trot with the horse drawn carriages up to 25 miles per day. They would clear the path along the way, warn their owners of theives hiding on the road side and would guard the horses and carriage at night while their owners were sleeping.

"Breeze" and "Buddy" the horse showing that special relationship between Dalmatians and horses.
It was a sign of status and a priviledge to have a beautiful spotted Dalmatian trotting magnificantly with the gentelman's carriage. George Washington, himself had Dalmatians.

Current day Dalmatians excell in Canine Performance Sports: Agility, Obedience, Road Trials, Fly Ball. They compete in Conformation, are wonderful Therapy and Service dogs, and are great companions!

The Dalmatian Road Trials are a continuation of the "coaching" tradition in a competitive sport. For more information on Road Trials and Coaching Instinct Certificate visit the Dalmatian Club of America web site: Road Trial page

"Wrangler" performing the "hock" exercise during a Road Trial Competition. Photo copyright Linda Davis.

Many of our members dogs compete in conformation dog shows. Each breed has a written standard or a description of specifically what an ideal specimen of that breed should look like and move like. This type of competition was orginally started to evaluate breeding stock against other kennels. Today it still is an evaluation tool, but also a fun and competitive sport. See the Dalmatian Standard on the AKC web site.

    Click here to see a few of our member conformation "show" Dalmatians!

Dalmatians are very smart and usually quick to learn. A positive approach to training with a treat reward is best. Many owners have great success with clicker training. Dalmatians generally do not do well with the old hard yank, pull and pinch correction methods as they "decide" it is NOT FUN and they may become stubborn and bored.

Below are some of our member Dalmatians competing in Obedience events:

"Jonah" scenting out the articles in UD competition.

Dalmatians are active, fun and high energy. They think life is FUN and love showing off and being a clown. So goes... they do make good Agility dogs however, they may make their own course once in while and then smile and laugh at you as you give them a glaring look... but they know you cannot stay mad for long.,.. after all they are such the handsome clown!

Below are some of our member Dalmatians competing in Agility events:

"Oliver" and "Ripley" competing in Agility events.

Dalmatians are generally loving and affectionate dogs that want to comfort and cheer their people and others. It is no wonder they make great Therapy and Service Dogs.

Below are some of our member Dalmatians who serve as Therapy and/or Service Dogs:

"Jonah" in his Therapy vest making a visit.
"Jonah" is so very gentle as he is being petted by a patient.
"James Brown" is a R.E.A.D. Dalmatian (Reading Education Assistance Dog).

"Caden" is a working Service Dog for his owner Lindsay Neil).

But what Dalmatians do best is entertain their owners with their flashy spots, charming personalities, and quick minds...

Dalmatians like to look silly if it makes you laugh...
Dalmatians are generally good sports about dressing up, doing "silly" things as long as they get to do it with you. If they can get your attention by doing it... they will most likely do it again.
"Tutu" dressed up in a tutu for a public pet awareness day.
"Echo" got into some mischief...Orange paint?
"Decker" says Thank God I'm A Country Boy... also dressed for the public pet education day.
Dalmatians like to chew stuff...
Dalmatians are an active breed and need toys, bones and lot of attention to keep them busy. If not, they may get into mischief. But most of the time they do things just to make you laugh...
"Newt" can't wait to get his cake!

"Echo" chewing on a pumpkin!

"Barkles" chewing a stick.
Dalmatians love their kids...
Dalmatians love their families and are generally good with kids 5 years of age or older. Purchase your Dalmatian, or any breed for that matter, from a reputable breeder who temperament tests their puppies to ensure the best match is made for a home with children.
"Spring" adores her owners granddaughter.

"Squire" and his boy Isaiah.

"Indigo" with her boy Gabriel window watching... "What's going on out there?"

"Pickles" with his boy Aiden."

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